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Katie's Musing Volume 1



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Katie Fielding
Katie Fielding
We made it to summer!!! Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter. It’s been a long time since I “blogged” or mused about education. I am writing this as much for me as for you. When I attended the University of Central Arkansas the College of Education (‘04) the motto was “teachers as reflective decision makers”. I have tried to keep that reflective practice through my career. In this newsletter I’ll do some reflecting and I will also share Edtech tips. I’ll also highlight friends and colleges you should be learning from. Finally, I have promised myself to limit my use of ! except when actually exclaiming. Making it to summer was worth all 3 exclamation points above.

My Top Tools of 2020-2021
What edtech tools got you through this school year? In my role as a tech coach these 4 tools made this year possible:
  1. Canva for Education: Communication was more important than ever this year. Canva Education allowed me to add clarity and flex my creative muscles when sharing information. My new favorite thing to do is to create trailers for PD sessions I am offering to set a hype vibe.
  2. Canvas LMS: This was our first year using this LMS. As a coach I set up a staff workroom and modeled practices for my teachers. This also become a one-stop-shop for all information. Required training? In the staff workroom. Optional PD? In staff workroom. Weekly tech tips? In the staff workroom. You get the idea.
  3. Wakelet: This is my go to for creating guide for teachers and students. I also love using this as my takeaway for conference presentations.
  4. Loom: VIDEO! Responding to emails with video has saved me so much time and provide recipients so much help. In asynchronous PD opportunities I am able to model the UDL principal of “multiple means of representation” by providing both text and video. Gonna try out loom? Make sure you sign up and verify your education account so it is free.
Bonus: Genially! I didn’t discover this tool until just a few weeks ago but I am already getting very into in. Below is a link to my profile were you can find some choice boards I have created as well as a Canvas LMS microsite tour for new users. Have you used Genially? I would love to see what you are creating and share it in a future newsletter.
Katie Fielding (@KatieF) - Wakelet
EdTech Templates for Canva for Education
I love using Canva for Education to communicate things in a beautiful way. I also love using it to create graphics to jazz up my Edtech tools and personalize them for the lesson or audience. With that in mind I have created this Wakelet of EdTech Tools Templates for Canva to make it easy for you to do the same.
Katie Fielding
Here is a @wakelet of a few common edtech tool graphics size @CanvaEdu templates you can use. Any others I should add?
Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD
This year on Global Accessibility Awareness Day I presented on the CanvasLMS live stream about how teachers can create accessible content. As a disabled person this is something near to my heart and lived experience. Building accessible digital content ensures that everyone has a good experience. Even if people do not have a disability they enjoy accessibility. If you use a mobile device or use captions on videos you enjoy accessibility.
You can watch the video of the live stream, as well have this accessibility checklist for you to reference when making content for your classroom.
#a11y - Global Accessibility Awareness Day
#a11y - Global Accessibility Awareness Day
From My Friends
In this section of the newsletter I’ll share stuff that my edtech friends are doing that you should know about.
Tisha Poncio is worth the follow on Twitter. Like me she loves Wakelet and uses it extensively with students. Watch her session from #WakeletCommunityWeek below. The 5 GIF story is definitely a strategy I want to try next year!
My friend Tom has a new edtech podcast. If you like google, especially Jamboard Tom is your guy. Listen to the episode below and meet Tom and hear about the demise of Google Expeditions.
tisha poncio
I had no idea how much you all would love the 5 GIF story in @wakelet! You all are so creative & your stories are ☺️!

Missed the live session from today? Just click below and see what the 5 GIF story is all about:

Tom Mullaney
NEW PODCAST - I am pleased to share No Red Pen, An EdTech Podcast. In ep 1 I talk about the impending demise of #GoogleExpeditions and share some thoughts about #GoogleDocs. #EdTech #EdChat
Where To Find Me Next Week
Next week Ill be presenting at the following conferences:
Katie Fielding
Have you registered for @TCEA #ETC21 yet? If not there is still time. I'll be presenting on creating accessible classroom content and @AdobeSpark / @AdobeForEdu
ESC 11 Canvas
Get Students Creating in Canvas! Learn how to integrate creative tools, like @AdobeSpark & @canva into your @CanvasLMS. Get kids to be creative communicators! Join the #LeveragingCanvas Conference: June 15, 9-12:30. Register: @ESCRegion11 @KatieF
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Katie Fielding
Katie Fielding @katief

Always: Creativity, Accessibility, Canvas, ISTE, Google & Microsoft EDU
Never: Boring

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